Tuesday, 13 October 2009

chefs off duty 1

ever wonder where a top chef goes to escape the heat of the kitchen? ever think what they choose to eat when they're really off duty?

the answer might surprise you.

take french uber-chef pierre gagnaire, for example. winner of more michelin stars than seems feasible, creator of a new wave french style (just don't call it molecular gastronomy in his presence) and with high-end outlets now spanning the globe (paris, london, moscow, tokyo, hong kong and dubai, with the last now hailed as one the world's best) and chilled-out dude with a wicked sense of humour, where would you imagine him on holiday?

well you're wrong.

his 2009 choice was brittany, the quiberon peninsula - "une presqu'ile crustacee', as he explained to me. and food of choice? piles of fresh shellfish and simple grilled fish on the beach.

sounds good to me!

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