Monday, 12 October 2009

and so we begin...

can there possibly be an excuse for yet another food blog? yet another site clogging up the blogosphere? yet another small voice crying out 'listen to me! me! me!'

of course not.

but then there's never another rational excuse for the sixth jaffa cake when the fifth was already two too many. never another coherent reason for being fascinated by the antics of chefs whose food we'll never have a chance to eat. never another acceptable explanation to describe to friends why the whole subject of food is so damn fascinating.

and so we begin.

who am i? well, an enthusiastic journalist and editor who, after a day writing, still figures the fingers have enough energy to crank out a few more lines here. a passionate observer of the global food scene - my most recent gig was launching 'bbc good food middle east' magazine. a lover of travel and new places and food and culture and all that.

whatever, as they say.

and 'nosh'? it's a great word, isn't it? one of those semi-undefinable words from yiddish that kind of means snacking, kind of means getting stuck in, kind of means nibbling. from the german 'naschen'. in england, it has a great resonance - 'nosh' is what you do when you go all out in a restaurant - a full-on english breakfast, for example - but it's also used in the great phrase 'posh nosh', as in fine dining that we maybe don't take too seriously...

and that's what this site will be about. we'll talk food, we'll discuss culture, we'll share travel stories. i'll share comments from top chefs that i've interviewed, i'll print recipes that sound fun, i'll deliver a selection of food news from around the world.

because, despite being based in dubai, i see food as the global glue that binds us all together.

let's nosh!


  1. Dave, don't you have a shift key on your computer?

  2. Dave, pls put together a 'nosh for babies'. I am running out of ideas for feeding my little girl. She loves variety and wants something different with every meal.

    BTW welcome to the world of blogging! :o)

  3. miti

    check out:

    and remember, most species don't have special foods for their young! who doesn't like rice n dhal...