Tuesday, 13 October 2009

hold those additives!

here's the conundrum.

on the one hand, we have the world's best food critics firmly placing el bulli, ferran adria's neo-catalan restaurant, at the top of the world's best; on the other, we see the big backlash starting.

recently, an article ripped apart the el bulli menu, claiming that additives used by adria were well out of any reasonable range - one meal equalling 1/16th of a normal annual supply, for instance.

8,000 diners a year, 2,000,000 applicants - nah, i ain't never getting the chance of eating at el bulli...


1 comment:

  1. Dave,
    It seems something is missing from this article. "one meal equalling 1/16th of a normal annual supply": annual supply of what? Sodium? Cholesterol?

    I think you have a far better chance of getting a meal at this restaurant than most. CNN was just running a segment about how New York City restaurants post $500 rewards for employees who spot food critics.