Wednesday, 21 October 2009

what to eat tonight?

all of us throw away food. we buy too much. we don't plan. and, living in a hostile environment, it's all too easy to forget to catch fresh food in the small window before it spoils.

equally, who knows what's lurking at the back of your storecupboard? i had a clean out of mine last weekend and i'm ashamed to stay i found tins of chick peas hidden right at the back that should have been eaten four years ago... not good!

so i was pleased to discover check your cupboard and fridge then type what you've got into the web site and it will come back with suggested recipes. you may have to experiment a bit, but if nothing else it will give you ideas instead of reaching for the home delivery menus - yes, we know you have a pile of them... now there's no excuse to waste food!

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