Monday, 26 October 2009

welcome back, ange!

gordon ramsay's first overseas restaurant - verre in the hilton dubai creek - is coming up to its eighth anniversary. my, where does the time go to...

and to celebrate the occasion, current gordon favourite angela hartnett is coming back to the restaurant where she made her first big impact, for some special show-off menus and a cooking class or two. current exec chef matt pickup will be working side by side, of course.

verre is always a bit under the spotlight, because ramsay and family are fond of dubai and there's even talk of buying a place and raiding the kids here.

for a city now so used to celebrities that you have to be mega to be commented on, dubai foodistas are more excited about the first major chef visit of the season. and with ramsay's fiery ex-boss, marco pierre white, flying out shortly to open two restaurants in the capital abu dhabi, the heat is rising.

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